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At Charnwood we have developed a wide range of animal feeds covering both the UK and International markets. Our experience, gained over nearly 40 years, together with our continual investment in plant and machinery, enables us to produce foodstuffs specifically designed to bring out the best in the animals for which they are intended - however and wherever they are kept. You will find details of our feeds within this site.

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EasiBeet™  - Micronised, Flaked, Unmolassed Sugar Beet Flakes
The complementary feed for Happy and Healthy Horses  Specification   

Micronized Whole Linseed   PRODUCT CODE MLI062FSP - Specification

Exotic Water Bird Diets Added - Flamingo Maintenance , Flamingo Breeder & Marine Duck Specifications

Exotic Zoo Diets - Products added
Grazer & Browser Feeds, Bowser Maintenance, Browser Breeder & Grazer Maintenance