We show below brief details of our Range of Ostrich Feeds. We offer more comprehensive details on the Technical Specification Sheets, which we prepared for each feed, and will be pleased to supply these on request.

Our rations have been designed to provide an economical cost:growth ratio, and they take into account the Ostrich’s special ability to digest and utilise fibre. The Grower and Finisher feeds will provide for good health, and regulated growth, whilst the Breeder diet will ensure the maximum number of fertile eggs.

[582]    OSTRICH BREEDER           4mm pellets or 8mm nuts
Protein   17.0%     Oil   3.60%       Fibre   12.00%             Ash   13.80%

A complete or complementary food for laying Ostrich, Rhea and Emu. Feed from 4 weeks before, and during, the laying period to ensure best egg count with optimum hatchability.

[590]    OSTRICH STARTER  -  2.5mm or 4mm pellets
Protein   18.00%      Oil   2.80%      Fibre    9.50%           Ash    9.20%

Completely balanced, containing high quality Proteins, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals & Trace elements, all necessary for strong & steady growth & development of healthy birds.

  -  4mm pellets or 8mm nuts
Protein   17.00%      Oil   3.00%       Fibre   12.50%         Ash    9.80%

Following the Starter feed, this ration is designed to promote regular growth and a constructive metabolism, ensuring a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient progress towards adult weight.

  -  4mm pellets or 8mm nuts
Protein   15.50%      Oil   3.00%      Fibre   14.00%         Ash   10.00%

To assist birds realise their full potential for food conversion, this ration will provide all the nutrients required for optimum growth especially for those birds intended for the table.

  -  4mm pellets or 8mm nuts
Protein   15.30%      Oil   3.90%    Fibre   14.50%          Ash    9.20%   

A clever blend of quality ingredients provides the most cost-effective solution to the maintenance, and continued growth of adult birds between breeding periods.